“Dancing is a wonderful thing, children can do everything!”

Trinity (Age 5)

“My 4 1/2 year old daughter has worked on language and sensory processing differences for the past seven months.  Though her needs were not always noticeable to others, my heart often ached as I watched her privately struggle with communication limitations and “sensory overload” in group activities.

We left our 5-day a week preschool program in hopes of meeting her needs with speech therapy, occupational therapy, and a new menu of intentional, empowering enrichment activities.  One of those was Ballet Austin’s Creative Movement program with Miss Joan.  On our first day of class in August, Miss Joan began feeding her senses with a make-believe world of ponies, kittens and butterflies, all doing a wide array of deliciously imaginative, multi-sensory and cognitively-challenging activities.

After class each week, Miss Joan would encourage us with suggestions for additional activities to meet specific needs. By December, my daughter’s “stimming” tendencies began subsiding in class, and she was focusing for longer and longer increments every week.

Today, seven months later, my child actively participates in Miss Joan’s class and has a passion for the art of ballet – which currently includes wearing a ballet leotard, tutu, tights and ballet shoes almost night and day!  Miss Joan’s class has become our weekly barometer for how our daughter is progressing.

We love what Miss Joan has given our family and, most importantly, our daughter, confidence, care-free movement, a buzzing imagination and a HUGE smile.  I highly recommend dance, Miss Joan’s Creative Movement curriculum specifically, to other families who are working on satisfying their son or daughter’s developmental needs. We both look forward to this nurturing and inclusive class every week!”


“As a hands-on pedagogy liaison with the University of Texas department of Theater and Dance, Ms. Wolfe instructs interns in developing and fine tuning movement methods for pre-schoolers.  She is sincerely interested in each of her many students and is dedicated to bringing quality training to young students and interns alike.”

Lyn C. Wiltshire
Associate Professor of Dance, U.T.

“Miss Joan knows what children enjoy and respond to while developing their strength, movement vocabulary and creativity.  She brings out each child’s potential in a fun and non-threatening atmosphere.”


“This is Mila’s grammy…just writing to say thanks again and how much I loved sitting in on the Creative Movement class a couple of weeks ago while I was visiting Austin.  I was so impressed with the way you integrated the first steps of ballet in to the creative movement environment.  It was lovely to see the little girls so energized AND so engaged at the same time.

As I mentioned to you that day, I think your approach fills a void in the lives of children today.  While visiting in Austin, I observed soccer practice, gymnastics, and preschool activities.  None of the other activities provide the intense and thoughtful approach to learning that I saw in your creative movement class.   (more…)