The Hidden Treasure DVD

Dive in with “Miss Joan” and her young dancers in this charming DVD!

This fun-filled treasure hunt whirls from the dance studio to the ocean floor.  Boys and girls alike will want to dance and sing along as they follow the mysterious treasure map and meet the charming cast of sea creatures and dancers who guide them along their way.

Your child will stretch and count with the friendly starfish, float and gallop with the elegant seahorse, and dance a silly mambo with the grumpy hermit crab.  Then they meet the wise dolphin who points the way to the treasure chest where the dazzling Prince and Princess of the Sea await to dance the joyful finale.

Fun and easy to follow dance ideas, delightful songs, exciting music and colorful scenery make the Hidden Treasure an adventure your child will want to experience again and again.

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“Dive in with ‘Miss Joan’ and her young dancers in this charming, fun-filled treasure hunt that whirls from the dance studio to the ocean floor.  This innovative creative movement video taps into your child’s natural love of movement, story and song, sparking hours of spontaneous and creative play.  Each colorful scene keeps boys and girls creatively engaged, physically active and wanting to play ‘The Hidden Treasure’ again and again.”

Dr. Toy

“This playful, imaginative production will have boys and girls alike begging their parents to sign them up for dance classes.…Anyone who works with young children will draw great ideas from this enjoyable and clear-cut approach to Creative Movement…Miss Joan is a patient instructor who always encourages participation and individual expression…”

School Library Journal

Customer Reviews:

“I took a lot of time searching for a video that would get my kids moving and appeal to their creative side. This is the perfect video. My girls (ages 2 and 4) are on their feet the whole time! They love watching the other children pretend to be different sea creatures and act out different movements! I would recommend this to anyone looking for a video that will get their kids up and moving and encourage their dramatic play!”

“I loved this video! My 2 year old has watched it many times in the last two weeks and loves to dance along with it. I don’t mind her viewing it often because it gets her moving a bit instead of just staring. I think it’s a wonderful creative movement experience even just as a video. I wish they would make more of the same type!”

“Finally a dance video that appeals to boys, too. My twins and their 2 year old sister watch it, dance and sing along, then go and play ‘treasure hunt’ afterwards. It’s easy to follow along, even for my youngest mover but challenging for the 5 year olds. They love the life size puppets – especially the dancing hermit crab. An imaginative and fun introduction to ballet.”