#2: Teacher QualificationsMarch 26, 2012

Oftentimes we encounter a studio that has their ‘students-in-training’ or less experienced teachers in charge of the ‘little ones’.  This may be an indication that their priority is not their Early Childhood program.  It often points to a general misunderstanding that children’s dance is just ‘getting the wiggles out’ or is simply mimicking grownups, or play acting.  In this scenario there is a lot of running around and as the teacher presents watered down dance routines to canned music, calling it creative movement.

An instructor with a knowledge of child development or background in early child childhood education is an indication of a quality program. The children should be joyfully engaged and learning.  In the event an inexperienced teacher is in charge, find out how much time they have spent in a creative movement setting, either in-training as an apprentice or as a teacher’s assistant.

At Creative Dance Adventures we require all instructors to have a working knowledge of child development, as well as complete a 6-week teacher training intensive.  This is followed by observation and evaluations that continue throughout their service.